1. Educated Her Followers

  2. Introduction

    Titan Leadership takes timeless leadership principles and breaks them down into 7 core elements that will allow you to become the Leader that your followers need. A titan is one who changes the way people think, innovates, and is a catalyst for cultural change. Some can lead themselves, others can lead followers, but it takes…

  3. Heightened Communication

    The hallmark of every great leader is the ability to communicate. Abraham Lincoln though frail made up for all of his inabilities through his ability to communicate.

  4. Absent Of Fear

    Fear is one of the greatest drivers of humanity. Alexander the Great shows his leadership through his management of Fear.

  5. Inclined To Persevere

    When you think of leadership you do not necessarily think of the word Perseverance. However, you will see here how important perseverance is to claim the title of Titan.

  6. Conformed To Passions

    Martin Luther King Jr was an amazing leader in his day, but it is his understanding and control of what his purpose and passions were that propelled him to be the leader of one of the greatest movements of our time.

  7. Refined Impulses

    This character from the Ottoman empire will show how important it is to be in control of our impulses. As leaders we must refine our impulses and act when it is in the best interest of those who we lead.

  8. Pursued Systems And Processes

    Napoleon Bonaparte is the historical character we will study here. It was his Napoleonic Code that allowed his empire to live beyond his generation alone.

  9. Receptive To Change

    Not only is a Titan an agent of change, but they are very receptive to change. Here we learn what it takes to be receptive to change by studying the life of George Washington.

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